Asamoah Gyan Found Guilty Of Having ‘Unethical Hair’  – Football Sportlight

Ghanaian professional footballer/ Al-Ahli Dubai F.C.striker Asamoah Gyan has been found guilty of having ‘unethical hair’ under United Arab Emirates Football Association guidelines.

asamoah gyan

The captain of the Ghanaian national team who just returned from AFCON in Gabon is one of the 46 players to have broken the UAE football association rules.

According to report, the former Sunderland striker’s signature ‘mohawk’ hair style is deemed as un-Islamic by some conservative Muslims. Some Islamic teachings ban “Qaza” hairstyles (where only part of the head is shaved)….other players might include Omar Abdulrahman

Do you think ‘Baby Jet’ should cut his hair/leave the team or just cover it?

We love it, Is part of his signature look! Other footballers have more drastic hairstyles!

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