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History Maker: Simone Biles is first American to win medals in every event at worlds…

History Maker: Simone Biles is first American to win medals in every event at worlds…

Congratulations are in order! Olympic champion Simone Biles has become the first American ever to win a medal in every event at the global gymnastics competition (world championships). No woman has won such medals for over 30-years!

The US gymnast made history after winning 4 golds (floor exercise) a silver and bronze medal (balance beam) in the in world championships. With about 20 medals under her belt Simone Bilesis ranked 2nd top female medalists 

According reports, Simone is very  with her achievement! We’re also happy for her,  wow to think she’s only 21!

Simone posted the images below on her Instagram page

”what a night… so many emotions… less than a year since I got back into training so I try not to be too hard on myself. Although I still placed 1st and MADE HISTORY I’m not entirely pleased with my performance. I’m still trying to find my confidence. But I won’t give up 💙 I’m proud of myself! —> now onto finals”

“World silver bar medalist … I CANT BELIEVE IT.”

Ever wonder why Olympians Bite Their Medals? According to reports, before 1912 all Olympic gold medals use to be made of pure solid real gold. The Olympians use to the bite the gold to ensure they gold was real and that they were indeed taking gold back to their countries.

‘The practice of biting precious metals also allowed people to see if perhaps the gold object was really just gold plated, with something like lead at the center. If so, the gold plating could be scraped off with your teeth and, given the often bitten gold coins weren’t that thick, the plating tended to be fairly thin, so you didn’t have to bite too hard to discover whether it was relatively pure gold or not’ ~Today I Found Out

In recent times, all the Olympic gold medals are not made of gold, however the Olympians still ‘bite to test’ to please the photographers, 4-time Olympic medalist Summer Sanders says  other athletes also bite their medals because the photographers ask them to do so…

Photo Credit:Simone Biles (Instagram)

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