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Why Dashiki African Fabric Is Called Angelina

Why Dashiki African Fabric Is Called Angelina

This fabric is called Angelina and is also known as Addis Ababa or Miriam Makeba. Angelina print was created by a Vlisco textile designers in Ghana.

Dashiki”, comes from the Yoruba word dàńṣíkí meaning ‘Shirt’ or ‘inner garment’ and was originally traced from the West African way of dressing.

‘Dashiki /Angelina was first deigned by the designer Toon van de Manakker in the 60’s.’

It’s a colourful loose-fitting pullover garment, with a light material or textile which is mostly worn by both males and females in the African Communities and its diaspora.

The nature of the garment suite the climatic conditions in West Africa such that many African wore Dashiki outfits to work, outings and special occasions.

The inspiration came from the tunic worn by a noble Ethiopian woman.
Angelina/Dashiki has become one of the most popular African must have attire.

The clothe can be used to make Long dresses, dresses, long and short skirts, swim wear….







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