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Dove Nicol’s ‘Calm Down’ Video

Dove Nicol’s ‘Calm Down’ Video

Dove Nicol: Calm Down video Video Out Now

‘Calm Down’ video by Dove Nicol

Artist Nicole’s song, Calm Down, is out on all digital platforms. From an outlandish Breaking Newsesque prelude to scenic shots of nature – all in the thick of what seems to be an ongoing class session, Sierra Leonean songbird Dove Nicol takes viewers on a colorful reverie in her self-directed video for ‘Calm Down.’

The video lights up with an eerie telecast that sees a masked Dove Nicol share the message: “CALM DOWN YOUR STATION HAS BEEN HI-JACKED,” right before viewers are reeled into a sequence of shots that end in the classroom and with a cheeky sketch too.

She’s one of the new musicians to watch in 2021.

‘Calm Down’ start’s with a formal introduction to then plays onscreen like some of the old DVDs from years back, offering both closeups and panoramic shots of Dove Nicol in traditional garb, together with her bevy of dancers in scenes best described as dreamy.


Dove Nicol: Calm Down video Video Out Now


Viewers are then treated to a more urban setting after that and outside the classroom, showing the artist’s time on campus and beyond in a vlog-styled format. The self-directed video simply doesn’t run out of vitality moving forward, alternating between a burst of colorful shots which end in a cliffhanger with a surprise cameo from Rahim Banda.


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Dove Nicol is set to become one of Ghana’s most-streamed artists, with ‘Calm Down’ serving as a powerful introduction and the perfect platform to showcase her authenticity and unique style.

Dove Nicol is a female artist originally from Sierra Leone and is currently based in Ghana. In May of this year, she ventured into the music scene to fulfill her dream in 2021, debuting with the fantastic ‘Calm Down.’ Dove plans to center her future compositions on a blend of culture and genres, delivering a compelling effect on music lovers both far and wide.

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