E.L. and A.I. announces upcoming project ”The Linkop” with new single


This may come as a big surprise for many fans, but it’s another great one for the culture. B.A.R. & V.O. Nation’s head honcho, E.L., and A.I. of Konnekt Music are announcing their collaborative project. The 7-track project titled ”The Linkop” is slated for an August (2019) release and will kick off with an official single.

The single, titled ‘Adwuma’ which means ”work”, is a fusion of danceable Highlife vibes with an alternative feel. The message, as stated by E.L. and A.I., is a simple one – to encourage people to get up and get it the best way they know-how.

Adwuma by Lomi & A.I the_ayisi



According to E.L., ”The project started by accident. I had invited A.I. to the studio a few months ago, but neither of us had a chance to meet up until two months ago.

We ended up recording one song after another which eventually resulted in a collection of songs many might like to call an album”.

”The Linkop” is a daring combination of different musical influences from Afrobeat to Dancehall to Reggae fusion; a body of work that has an alternative feel and an eclectic vibe.

The aim of this project was for purely good vibes and to give the listener a multifaceted experience from two of Africa’s most creative and dynamic music talents.

E.L. and A.I. announces forthcoming project ''The Linkop'' with new single

A.I. also expressed his views on the project saying; ”We knocked out a full collection of songs in less than a week. The hard part was deciding which songs to put on the project because they were all good.

Each song on The Linkop is tailored to stir up positive emotions; no song is like any other on this project, and that is what makes it so special”.

”The Linkop” makes for an exciting explorative look into the creative prowess of E.L. and A.I. All music was produced and recorded by E.L. The album has no features and explored topics from love and hustle to things like recreational drugs.

The release of the 7-track project is highly anticipated and expected to receive a lot of positive reviews from fans of E.L., A.I., and music fans in general.

Credit: B. Banks

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