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Eamonn Holmes Cringeworthy Remarks About A Black Doctor’s Hair

Eamonn Holmes Cringeworthy Remarks About A Black Doctor’s Hair

Eamonn Holmes Compared A Black Guest's Hair To An ‘Alpaca’

Eamonn Holmes Compared A Black Guest’s Hair To An ‘Alpaca’

Irish broadcaster, Eamonn Holmes of This Morning compared his black guest Dr. Zoe Williams’s hair to an Alpaca. As if that wasn’t enough he went on to add ‘You just want to pet it, don’t you? “It’s very alpaca-ish’ with a gesture as if one is petting an animal.

Dr. Zoe Williams is a TV personality and a medical practitioner who was invited to deliver content on nutrition at the morning show on Thursday, August 12.

Dr Zoe Williams laughed out loud and said, “don’t touch my hair.’ Pointing her pen at the camera on the live program.

Some people are happy that she laughed it off others think she shouldn’t have laughed at what has been deemed as yet another disrespectful and racist remarks from Eamonn Holmes.

Majority of black people know if she had reacted otherwise it would have been deemed as usual as ‘The Angry Black Women’

His comments has raged a lot of backlash from blacks and viewers of the show. most of them were refereeing to the TV host as racist and inhumane for liking a human being’s especially, a woman’s hair to an animal. It was also pointed out that he made similar racial comment against the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle following news of the royal couple’s withdrawal from royal duties. Critics were of the view that, he needed to be held responsible because it’s not his first time of uttering comments of such, especially towards black people.

Eamonn Holmes Compared A Black Guest's Hair To An ‘Alpaca’

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Commenting on his action, he came out with a tweet on twitter where he claimed he was trying to be humorous by playing with his friend but he apologises if his act was offensive. “Hey everyone out there. if my attempt at being humorous with my friend @DrZoeWilliams was misjudged I am mortified and humbly apologise to anyone who was offended.”

Here are some of the comments online after Eamonn Holmes comments 

‘Nothing worse than an “if you’re offended, I’m sorry” non-apology.’

‘This isn’t your first rodeo at these types of “jokes,” mate. You called a black woman uppity, sir. There’s a pattern and it’s not a good look. ‘

‘That’s a non-apology. Who do you think you’re fooling? Try again and take some time to reflect. Maybe since apologizing is such a challenge, you should become racially literate, understand racist offenses and commit to learning about micro-aggressions and your unearned privilege.’

‘Why do people thing they can make comments or treat black people anyhow and say is a joke’

‘Attack black people openly, when they school people they are called aggressive but others do that and  is harmless comments’

“He’s so inoffensive! Is that why he called Meghan, “weak”, “irritating”, “manipulative” , “uppity”? He compared a Person of Colour’s natural hair to an animal’s & said he wanted to pet it. Have you any idea what POC go through about their natural hair? Do you condone racist.”

DISGRACEFUL! but not surprising! It’s mad because it’s already such a mental challenge for black women wear their natural hair out and things like THIS are part of that reason! LET US BE!!!!

“Making jokes about a black woman’s hair is never being “humorous” especially when comparing it to an animal. Eamonn I appreciate you felt this was in good humour, but please do better.”

“Interesting how it’s the white people here who have decided it was OK.”

“Maybe you missed Eamonn calling a biracial woman uppity & saying he learnt nothing about why it’s offensive. And at his age&with his experience should know better than to describe wanting to ‘pet’ a Black woman’s hair when Afro hair is so discriminated against”.

“You have gotta do better than that sir, this is not an apology. You just said to a black woman that she looks like an animal & you’d like to Pet her hair. Please understand this is the same micro aggressions you didn’t “see” Megan Markle go through, Being “Funny” is not an excuse”.

“Comparing  black women to animals and saying you want to pet them is never a funny ‘joke’. Pls ask your employers for diversity training, you CLEARLY need it!”

The issue of macroaggressions on the nature of black people’s hair has become widespread in the United Kingdom…



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