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Emma Sophie Amoussou: Canadian Immigration Expert…

Emma Sophie Amoussou: Canadian Immigration Expert…

Meet Emma Sophie Amoussou, head and consultant of an enterprise service- immigration advice in Canada.  Emma Sophie Amoussou graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in Immigration and Interethnic Relations and Immigration Consultant regulated by ICCRC (Regulatory Board of Immigration Consultants) and provincially recognized by MIDI ( Department of Immigration and Diversity and Inclusion) in Quebec.Emma Sophie Amoussou

Emma Sophie runs an immigration consulting firm, where her team offer services to those wishing to apply for immigration to Canada, both Federal as in part province of Quebec. Their services are open to people from around the world meet the Canadian government criteria….

Canada is the second country in the world by area, attracts thousands of people around the world. The high rate of immigration to Canada demonstrates the political will of governments to welcome new immigrants each year. The Government of Canada are activated daily update integration programs, or integrating it depends adapted to newcomers. 
But the obstacles and realities of immigration are needed and which raise questions new immigrants will face. Click here to read Emma Sophie Amoussou’s interview with Africa Woman

Credit: Africa Woman

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