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Theresa May Wants To Send Home Foreign Graduates

Theresa May Wants To Send Home Foreign Graduates

Yewande AkinolaInternational students from non-EU countries wishing to work in the UK  after they have graduated would have to return home to apply for a work visa.

International students can pay up to £18,000 per year, totalling £54,000 over a three year course, excluding living costs, leading to claims universities are using them to “prop up” their finances….International students contribute to economic growth in the UK.

Boris Johnson has warned the government against curbing foreign student visas and said the UK was giving out the “wrong signal”.

There’s been report that Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable is not too please with Theresa May because his department has responsibility for universities/about foreign students.

Mr Cable has warned this decision on immigration will put off students and could deprive the UK of highly skilled graduates.

“Such a blunt instrument would not get our support,” the source said. “The idea that you have people from abroad studying in this country and they become engineers or scientists of huge practical value to the economy and rather than have them stay here you immediately turf them out makes zero economic sense.”

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According to HuffPost UK, One Nigerian student said “My message to other people back home is do not come here. Go to the US or Canada instead.”

Are you an International students currently studying in the UK? Please let us know your thoughts on this matter.


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