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Boris Johnson: Brexit Deal

Boris Johnson: Brexit Deal

UK Politics: New Brexit Deal

The question everyone wants to know is, is Britain under Boris Johnson leaving Brexit with or without a deal? Will Boris Johnson succeed where Theresa May failed?


Brexit Deal?

Well, the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has confirmed that Brexit transition period will be from now till the end of next year 2020.

Michel Barnier says that all through the negotiations, “The EU and the UK were fully committed to protect peace, to protect stability on the island of Ireland” 

He also added that discussions over the past days ‘have at times been difficult, but they have delivered and delivered together;


Boris Johnson on Brexit ”We’ve got a great new deal”

When asked about his views on the new deal, Jean-Claude Juncker said ‘It’s ‘Fair and Balanced’

The question now is ‘ Will the new deal pass through the Commons on Saturday? Will the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) oppose or accept…?


Brexit Deal

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