The 6th Black British Business Awards took place on 3rd October 2019, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel.

Join us in wishing all the winners a huge congratulation.

Well done to the organizers and founders of The BBBAwards, Melanie Eusebe, and Sophie Chandauka for not only recognizing the great works done by these amazing black people but also awarding them to encourage others.

The attendees included top companies and sponsors such as Morgan Stanley, Facebook, Bloomberg, Barclays, J.P.Morgan, Mediacom, Thomson Reuters, Arup, and more.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent his congratulations message to the nominees and the winners.

Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party and Sadiq Khan also supported the event by sending congratulations to all the winners.

Gisela Abbam of the British Science Association won the Black British Businessperson of the Year!


Some of the winners of the night include, Aicha McKenzie of AMCK


Paulette Rowe of Facebook presented her award. Author Dorothy Koomson won Image Award


Dorothy Koomson has over 15 best selling international books in more than 30 languages.


dorothy kooomson Black British Business Awards

Uzo Okwuosa won consumer and luxury rising star award for his Frank Horn leather brand.


His beautiful, unique collection has been showcased in many places, including the London design festival, Cockpit arts London….


Uzo Okwuosa wins consumer and luxury rising star award for his Frank Horn


Some of the top Entrepreneurs, Celebrities spotted at The BBBAwards include Award-Winning Author (It’s not rocket science) CEO and Founder Mary Spio,


Lucy Quist  Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and the author of the book, ‘The Bold New Normal’ and more

 Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and the author of the book,‘The Bold New Normal’ Lucy Quist…




Event brought To You By Black British Business Awards 

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