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Ferland Mendy: Real Madrid

Ferland Mendy: Real Madrid

Ferland Mendy Real Madrid


Congratulations are in order! Real Madrid has spent nearly 300 million pounds on signing young and promising players from teams like Chelsea, Porto, and Eintracht Frankfurt. Their recent transfer Ferland Mendy has already gained sympathy and appreciation with his inspiring life story.

Early Life Injury

Ferland Mendy was born in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France on 8 June 1995 to Senegalese parents.
When he was at the age of fifteen, he had to undergo a hip surgery that left him in a wheelchair. He had to go to rehabilitation for seven months for physiotherapy.

Even worse, the doctors told him that he would never be able to walk, let alone to play football again. He didn’t give up and kept trying to gain back his football skills.


Finally, in 2016, he signed for Le Havre Athletic Club in 2016. During the season 2016-2017, he appeared in 35 games under Ligue 2. In 2017, he signed a contract with Club Lyon in June 2017. The five-year contract included a transfer fee of 5 million euros and a bonus of 1 million euros.

In the following year, he appeared in the French senior team and replaced Benjamin Mendy as a defender during the games played against Netherlands and Uruguay.


Almost two years after his initial deal with Lyon, he was signed by Real Madrid. It was announced that he joined the team on a six-year contract and signed an agreement for 47.1 million pounds!

Spotted outside the medical facility at Santiago Bernabéu, he was interviewed at a press conference. He told the reporters that he was still in shock for being able to sign a contract with such a great club.

Ferland Mendy Real Madrid
Photo Credit: Ferland Mendy (Instagram)

During the conference, the Real Madrid President Florentino Perez also gave a short speech, in which he indicated that it was Mendy’s talent, quality, hard- work, sacrifices and never-ending ambition that got him into Real Madrid. It is apparent that both parts are incredibly hopeful and happy about the deal.

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Signing for such a massive football club must have brought about a feeling of anxiety and pressure for Mendy. During his unveiling, he struggled during kick-ups and eventually lost control of the ball.

Nevertheless, he still maintains his ambition and determination without letting anything bring him down.

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Photo Credit: Ferland Mendy (Instagram)

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