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Gina Bass Gambian Olympic Athlete

Gina Bass Gambian Olympic Athlete

Gina Bass Gambian Olympic Athlete

Gina Bass Gambian Olympic Athlete – Tokyo 2020

Gambia’s young phenomenal and fastest track athlete, Gina Bass, also known as the “Poor Olympian” has landed a milestone for the Gambians, as she represents her country for this years’ Olympics games set to be held in August in Tokyo.

This ground-breaking Olympic feat was a result of her successful win at the Morocco 2019 All African Games’ 200 meters finals over her Ivorian competitor, Marie Josee Tallow who was then identified as the fastest African athlete. Her success won her the prestigious title, “fastest woman in Africa” from the Ivorian.

Ace sprinter athlete Gina Bass was born in a village in Senegal known as, Toubakouta on May 03, 1995. However, she spent almost all her life in the Gambia where he grew up with her siblings in Kombo Central, Northwest of Gambia. Obviously, her nickname, the “poor Olympian” is a true reflection of the poor background she comes from. The financial instability of her family made her educational journey quite a precarious one.

Fortunately, through her basic education at the Jamisa Basic School in Brikama, Gambia, her athletic flairs unfolded which caught the attention of her tutors who then paid attention to her potentials, trained her, and eventually secured a slot with her immaculate talent at the Gambian Youth National Team, under the endorsement of the Gambia Athletics Association.

She then represented the Gambia in all kinds of competitions both locally and internationally. Her exceptional skills earned her qualifications for various opportunities including the Olympic Solidarity Scholarship and member of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) High-Performance Traning Centre, Dakar.

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The huge exposure paved way for her constant success at the World Athletics in the 100 and 200 meters championships. In 2016, Gina Bass won bronze at the African championship for her 200metres race paving way for her qualification in the 2016 summer Olympic games where she made it to the 52nd position for her country.

Since then, she has improved in her abilities, as well as made more feat as the flag bearer for her country and projected the image of Africa despite the hardship she went through in fulfilling her dreams. She is currently in possession of national records for bronze, silver, and Gold.

Now, Gina Bass is aiming for the international record for the Gold in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

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Congratulations Gina Bass, Africa is proud of you!



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