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Ghana Mourns Fashion Guru Kofi Ansah

Ghana Mourns Fashion Guru Kofi Ansah

KofiAnsah3 kofi_ansahThe funeral ceremony of the late renowned fashion designer was at the forecourt of the State House on Friday, May 30. The solemn ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including politicians, actors, chiefs, models, as well as colleague fashion designers. He will be eternally laid to rest after cremation on Saturday, 31st May at Senya Bereku in the Central Region at a private interment by his family. The family has announced that the attire for the funeral ceremony should be anything made by the late fashion designer or any fashionable outfit. Internationally-acclaimed Ghanaian fashion designer Kofi Ansah was a founding member and a past president of the Federation of African Designers and was one of foremost Ghanaian fashion designers to have received international recognition. Kofi Ansah Damirifa Due!

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