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Good News: Malawi has banned child marriage

Good News: Malawi has banned child marriage

Malawi has banned child marriage through a new Legislation that increases the legal age of marriage from 15 to 18 years, representing a major victory for girls in a country that has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Women rights campaigners hailed the move as ”a great day for Malawian girls” and said the law would help boost development in one of the world’s poorest countries.

”This law is very important since child marriage is a bigger problem in the country” said, Parliamentarian Jessie Kwabila who helped push for the new Legislation.

 Early marriage deprives girls of education and opportunities, and also increases the risk of death or serious childbirth injuries . They stand at a greater risk of domestic and sexual violence as child brides. We cannot talk about development if we have child marriage. Read more here.

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