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How do you feel when someone else is wearing the exact same thing…

How do you feel when someone else is wearing the exact same thing…

Twinning:  It’s never a brilliant ideal when you show up at work, party or any event and someone else is wearing the same outfit as you.

What would be your first reactions the moment you realise you ‘Twinning’ Awkward or you will be totally nonchalant about it.

This is inevitable, because there’s always the probability for some outfits to be popular or ‘a la mode’ in fashion one is likely to find him/herself in that scenario…. just try and have fun and even take photos and post on your social media platform and ask your friends ‘who wore it best’

twinning selfie - who wore it best?

Would you just look at each other and pretend you haven’t notices he/she is wearing the same outfit as you would let the person know she looks good in the outfit.

Others will freak out and even be tempted to leave and change into a different outfit.

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When people accidentally wear the same outfit to work, parties or any event can always be awkward.  Let us know what your first reactions the moment you realise you ‘Twinning’?

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