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Huawei Phones: Huawei Mobile Phones

Huawei Phones: Huawei Mobile Phones

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Tech News Of The Month:Technology News – Huawei Phones

Huawei has a rising profile as one the largest telecommunications manufacturer and the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones (the third is Apple and the first one is Samsung). The Chinese manufacturing company has witnessed both success and difficulties in its history. Here is a detailed look on Huawei’s history from its first day of foundation to the present day.


Huawei was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei who was the former deputy director of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army engineering corporation. The company conducted research with the aim of implementing the foreign technologies on the local products and building a domestic telecommunication system in China to save the country from its dependence on other countries.

In 1993, the company released a telephone switch that could reach out to rural areas. In the following years, they built a national communications network for the People’s Liberation Army. The Chinese government was also very supportive of the company’s activities as they restricted the use of foreign manufacturers.

After 1996, Huawei started to expand beyond China by working with companies in Hong Kong and opening new offices in India, Netherlands and Canada. They also produced their wireless GSM product.



In the 2000s, the company formed several joint ventures. The first one was with 3Com with the goal of manufacturing enterprise networking devices. Another joint venture was in 2007 with Symantec Corporation for network data storage and cyber security.

In 2005, Vodafone’s Global Supply Chain gave Huawei the official permission as an Approved Supplier overseas. This was followed by the approval coming from British Telecom.

By the end of 2000s, the Huawei was a global supplier that went as far as Australia.

The 14 years of successful rise brought Huawei a spot in the Global Fortune 500 list. The company has a net profit of 1.8b billion USD (new profit on wiki today 2019)

Huawei Mobile Phones Latest News

The recent years witnessed the implementation of novel technologies such as cloud computing and manufacturing of smartphones which they were able to make 200 million sales.

Despite the fast growth rate, Huawei faced some political controversies particularly involving the United States. It was speculated that the Chinese-based network equipment purchased in the US had a back door enabling the Chinese government to conduct surveillance.

As a result, the business contracts and joint ventures between Huawei and any US-based company were restricted.

In December 2018, the vice chairwoman and the daughter of the founder Meng Wanzhou was arrested by the US authorities due to claims of fraud and other things against the regulations of the States, but she did not face any charges due to the lack of proof. Regardless, the investigation has been ongoing to track any sign of fraud.

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Further business restrictions were put forward by Donald Trump who gave an executive order to prohibit any telecommunication-related transaction and business between Huawei and The US- based companies. As a result, companies like Google, Microsoft and Android had to suspend their collaborations.

Ren Zhengfei stated sorrow and resentment against the order, stating that Huawei’s 5G technologies were a huge luck to do business with and it will their loss to discard Huawei.

Last week, Huawei created a lawsuit against the US government for giving executive orders without sufficient investigation.

It is clear whether or not the US government will lift the restrictions on Huawei, but it seems that the future holds further clashes between the telecommunication networks of the two countries.

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