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Patapaa Involved In Deadly Armed Robbery Incident

Patapaa Involved In Deadly Armed Robbery Incident

This is truly Jesus take the wheel moment for Patapaa and his team.  Freebody, Patapaa’s manager confirmed that the team were returning back to Accra from HO when they encountered the unfortunate robbery incident.

According to reports, the robbers were stopping cars and stealing peoples belongings as well was shooting into some cars.

Fortunately for them, the swift reaction of the Winneba and Kasoa Police Patrol saved many lives on that day. The then and escorted Patapaa and his team.

Patapaa and his team with the Winneba and Kasoa Police Patrol who saved them


The Swedru based African Celebrity Patapaa,  has expressed to his gratitude to the Winneba and Kasoa Police for their quick reaction. There would have been so many lives lost.

‘Thanks to *Ghana_Police_Service* – Winneba Patrols to be precise for the rescue tonight, concerning a robbery incident on the Kasoa – Winneba Highway…
Thank God for our lives and sorry to those whose cars and money were taken… Being alive is the most important thing🙏🙏🙏’~ Patapaa

This is truly unfortunate and unacceptable! We hope they retrieve all the stolen goods back the owners

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