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Linus Idahosa: Nigeria’s Voice Of The Creative Youth

Linus Idahosa: Nigeria’s Voice Of The Creative Youth


The Nigerian businessman Linus Idahosa is one of the top businessmen in Nigeria, Idahosa’s story is worth knowing, but definitely not covered enough for some reason.

Linus Idahosa has a very successful corporate career during which he has improved his skills. Firstly, he completed the National Youth Service Programme with an award. Then, he served as the general manager of companies such as Nayee Security Printing Press and Joscas Engineering (this was a construction firm).

Despite his enhanced experience in construction and engineering, he always had a particular interest in media and public relations. That’s why; he decided to pursue his career as the exclusive accredited agent and producer for CNN in Nigeria. During his time at CNN, he worked towards helping many Nigerian brands gain recognition on media.

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Later on, he signed a contract with New York Film Academy to find a representative academy in Nigeria. This was well-supported by the academy who sent many lecturers from all over the US into Nigeria. The Del York Creative Academy aimed to educate many young individuals who had a passion and creativity for media.


The graduates of this academy are becoming successful filmmakers and media professionals in Nigeria and around the world. The film making courses include 3D animation, acting, directing, theatre, editing, make-up, screenwriting, production, music production, cinematography and more. They also have strong collaborations with many institutions in Europe and the US.

He has also become an ambassador for Brand Nigeria to provide food, healthcare and educational supplied in Edo State. In 2015, he was invited to Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth to attend Queens Young Leader Awards.

When asked about how he decided to guide young people, he explained how he was deeply affected and inspired by a photograph taken as an aerial shot of thousands of people gathered at the Abuja Stadium to find a job at the Nigerian Immigration Service.

During interviews, he never hesitated to speak out about the flaws of the system. He expressed criticism against the political parties such as All Progressives Congress and Peoples Democratic Party, how the old and rich politicians are not giving the young and aspiring individuals enough chance to shine. His criticism was also directed towards money politics.

He is not on favour of  people wanting to gain money and fame through shortcuts, like most people as well believe this is affecting the educational system badly. In addition, he believes that Nigeria should increase its net exports and better-promote traditional artwork.

In 2017, Idahosa attended the first Nigeria-China Governors’ Investment Forum in Guangzhou – China along with Nigerian Governors and leading companies from China.

This May, Linus Idahosa the President of Del-York Creative Academy and other DCA staffs have welcomed ‘The Delyork Creative Academy Instructors from New York in Ghana and Nigeria

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Linus Idahosa, President of Del-York Creative Academy at a press conference earlier this month Photo credit: Del-York Creative Academy (Instagram)

Idahosa is just as successful and happy in his personal life. In April 2012, he married multiple award winning Nollywood Superstar, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Stephanie Linus in Paris. They have a son, Maxwell who was born in 2016.


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Photo credit: Del-York Creative Academy Instagram

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