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Jinmi Abduls New Single ‘Abena’

Jinmi Abduls New Single ‘Abena’


Headline 1: Listen to Jinmi Abduls new single ‘Abena’

Headline 2: Jinmi Abduls – Abena

The beauty of the black woman has long since been revered across all the ages of music, spanning from different perspectives to genre. Fast-rising star, Jinmi Abduls, celebrates black beauty from his own perspective on his new record titled, ‘Abena’.

The young aficionado serenades on this Ghanaian inspired pop record with melodies and vocals that compel the body to groove. The release of this single follows the announcement of his signing to The Plug Management company, Nigeria.

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The production of this record shows his growth behind the scenes; borrowing sounds from guitarist, Bendrix & recruiting, GMK one of Africa’s leading sound engineers. He delivers a special summer vibe to pop to.



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