All eyes on the Boateng Brothers as they clash at 2014 World Cup. Where Black Stars of Ghana goes at the World Cup, drama follows.

For those who missed the Germany Jerome Boateng and Ghana’s Kevin-Prince World Cup clash last night these are some photos for you to enjoy!.

Boateng Brothers World Cup clash

There wasn’t any sibling rivalry on the pitch, fans from the brothers expected some drama on the pitch but were very disappointed because both brothers were very professional.

The was no  “fight to the death” as predicted  by Ghana’s Kevin-Prince Boateng. Ghana played a very good game resulting in Ghana 2 Germany 2.

If you think is difficult for fans to watch, one can imagine how their parents might have felt watching them. Very proud of their sons playing such historic game.

2014 World Cup Thriller: Boateng Brothers World Cup clash

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