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KKD Accuser Withdraws Rape Case

KKD Accuser Withdraws Rape Case

Kwesi Kyei DarkwaThe lady at the centre of the rape charge against Ghanaian entertainment icon, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson is reported to have withdraw her case because of they way the case has affected her life.

Ewuraffe’s life has become a nightmare since the KKD was arrested. 

She has consequently written to the state which is prosecuting KKD for rape to convey her disinterest and desire to see the charges dropped.

The two-page letter, dated 12 of January is addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney-General’s Department, and copied to the Chief Justice, the Registrar of the High Court and the top hierarchy of the Ghana Police service.

The 19-year-old cited the “media frenzy” that followed the arrest of KKD and the unceasing buzz and social media posts which she described as insensitive, for her decision.

She says she is unable to continue cooperating with the police who are prosecuting the case.

Miss Thompson said since the story of her rape allegations against renowned broadcaster broke, her life has taken a dramatic turn; she has not been able to appear in public without attracting hushed gossip and finger-pointing.

Joy News’ Anny Osabutey who was in court, said KKD’s lawyer met with the presiding judge, Justice Essel Mensah in chambers to confer on the letter.

He reported that the alleged rape victim “Tuesday morning went to the Airport Police station with her father where a copy of the said letter was served on the police.”

The Airport Police arrested KKD on December 27, 2014 after the 19-year-old accused him of raping her in a hotel washroom.

Mr. Darkwah admitted having sex with the lady but denied he forced her. She consented, he insisted.

He was brought before the Kaneshie District Magistrates’ Court after he had been detained for three days in police cells. The court refused him bail and remanded him into police cells.

KKD’s plight worsened with subsequent refusals of bail.

His initial brave face gave way to a more somber mood and subsequently frustration when the case started suffering adjournments whilst he remained in police cells.

Now he can heave a sigh of relief because his accuser, the chief prosecution witness, says she will not cooperate with the police.

Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson says she has been receiving counselling from church elders and is determined to put the incident behind her and move on with her life.

She believes God will heal her and soothe her pain, something a full prosecution can only deprive her of.

Ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, (KKD) has apologized for what he described as the “trauma” he has caused the 19-year-old woman he allegedly raped.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, KKD said “ I acknowledge that I have sinned and I have prayed to God for forgiveness.”

He also apologized to Ghanaians for what he termed the “public ridicule and disgrace”  that his “fleeting pleasure” with the said victim caused.

In the statement, he also appealed to the media “spare” the families of the lady and himself, any further agony.

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The victim on Tuesday wrote to the court asking it to discontinue the case.

KKD has been in Police custody since he was charged with rape on December 28, 2014 for allegedly raping the 19-year-old victim.

He allegedly raped the victim  at the African Regency hotel in Accra.

Mr. Darkwa has consistently denied that he raped the victim, insisting that they had consensual sex.

What are your views on this issue?  What is RAPE/Consensual SEX? Can you share your thoughts from a male/female prospective?

In my opinion, in Africa rape is seen as a stigma and frown upon, as a result most people will not dare report and pretend it never happened for fear of either being labelled or not getting a ‘husband’…

Few brave ones dare to come out and report that they have been raped, some are believed others are ignored.  The fact that a lady might be dressed in a curtain way doesn’t mean she deserves to be abused. I believe once the lady says No and you proceed to force yourself on her is RAPE…

RAPE accusations affect reputation a big way, they never go away. To redeem oneself after any rape allegations in a the eyes of the society is sometimes impossible….

It is wrong to be accused of RAPE and is also very horrible to Rape someone!

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