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Kkeda’s sultry and infectious sound dominates the airwaves with ‘All Night

Kkeda’s sultry and infectious sound dominates the airwaves with ‘All Night

After a year of missing her beautiful sound, with her last release being ‘Blue Jeans,’ Afro-fusion singer, Kkeda has just unveiled her highly anticipated new single titled ‘All Night.’ Blending elements of Afrobeats with her signature R&B style, Kkeda delivers a sultry and infectious sound that leaves listeners craving more.

Inspired by a blend of personal experiences and the desire for a carefree and passionate connection, ‘All Night’ takes listeners on a journey of love, passion, and the allure of the night. The lyrics, penned by Kkeda herself, reveal a story of longing and the pursuit of genuine affection. With lines like “You think you’re smart, stop belling my phone line. Suppose you want to settle and start booking the airline”. In that case, Kkeda effortlessly captures the essence of desire and the yearning for a deeper connection without games, emphasizing the importance of actions over mere words.

Kkeda’s stunning vocals and charismatic presence have earned her a rapidly growing fanbase, with her previous releases garnering significant attention and praise. With ‘All Night,’ Kkeda continues her streak of all hits, no misses, solidifying her position as a rising star in the R&B and Afrobeats scenes.

Kkeda’s journey began in London, where she was born to parents of Jamaican heritage. Raised by her loving grandmother in Ghana from age 5, she discovered the power of music at a young age. During her teenage years, Kkeda faced the challenge of scoliosis, which led her back to London for necessary spinal surgery. During this time, music became her solace and source of inspiration. After a successful recovery, Kkeda seized the opportunity to attend a prestigious London-based theatre school for two years. However, her heart was set on pursuing a career in singing, which led her back to Ghana. In 2019, she debuted with the captivating track ‘I Like It’ in collaboration with Groundup Chale.

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Kkeda music is a soulful blend of Afro-fusion, R&B, and Pop. It serves as a powerful means of expression for her. Allowing her to convey various emotions, from anger and love to fear. Driven by her desire to make a lasting impact on people’s lives, Kkeda aims to create music that resonates deeply with her audience. Her ultimate goal is to facilitate connection and self-expression, inspiring her audience to navigate and embrace the myriad of emotions that weigh upon them. 

‘All Night’ comes in two versions: the original version and a sped-up version available on all major streaming platforms


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