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Fashion Spot: Latest Fashion Ideas and Style Tips

Fashion Spot: Latest Fashion Ideas and Style Tips


What do you love about fashion? What Does Your Fashion Sense Say About You? More about fashion here…. 

African celebs - Twena fashions



African celebs - Twena fashions

Kente Cloth is local to Ghana…Kente was developed around 17th Century A.D by the people of Asanti Kingdom.

For the legend, a man named Ota Karaban and friend, Kwaku from a town called Bonwire, a leading town for the production of Kente in Ghana had their weaving lessons from a spider that was weaving its web ….

Kente, now Ghana’s national cloth is one indigenous handicraft that has won world wide recognition.

There are many types of Kente each with its own symbolism and name, which

Kente Cloth is local to Ghana..


More about fashion here….

African celebs

African celebs





Twena fashion - African celebs

African celebs - Justin Spio

African celebs

beautiful Africancelebs..

African celebs -Twena fashions


African celebs - twena fashions

African celebs - kwanina spio

More about fashion here….

Photo credit: Twenafashions/Justin Spio

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