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Meet Multiple nominated and internationally recognized blogger Francis Banks…

Meet Multiple nominated and internationally recognized blogger Francis Banks…

Young Entrepreneurs To Watch: Francis Banks, Founder  & CEO of Gets Massive Applause For New Project.

Ghana has in recent times seen an extreme influx of bloggers and most predominantly, are the lifestyle and entertainment bloggers. In every field however, it is nothing but a competitive engagement. It is the survival of the smartest and the domination of the most evolving brand.

Francis Banks, Founder & CEO of
Francis Banks, Founder & CEO of /

Blogging however is about numbers and content. You need good content and a solid marketing approach to bag the numbers. This something everyone seems to have understood as a primary thing in the business.

Nonetheless, irrespective of all these, most of the bloggers fail to realize they are a part of the brand they are building and blogging could be a very lucrative business for them. In my whole life as a Ghanaian living in Ghana, we can successfully count less than five bloggers who have been able to live off their hustle.

In the quest to be different and build a brand out of another brand, entertainment & celebrity blogger, publicist and CEO of TalkMediaGhana, one of the leading entertainment blogs in Ghana, has taken a step any blogger in Ghana is yet to consider. The young budding entrepreneur, Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah, has launched a top class portfolio website. A site that is aimed at putting him at the forefront of affairs and properly documenting his works and achievements.

Barely a month after launching his website, the multiple nominated and internationally recognized blogger, has received high praise and applause from major industry players and celebrities. This comes as no surprise, considering the amazing work he put in building the brand.

Banks has worked with celebrities and brands across the length and breadth of Africa and across the globe to Europe and America; including multi-platinum and #1 Billboard producer, Coptic, Universal Music Group SA’s A&R Kris J, Tigo Ghana, Rémy Martin, Kasapreko, F Project and an endless list of others…

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