Inspirational Monday: In Case You Missed It – Meet History Maker Nancy Abu-bonsrah, the first Black female Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University. According to reports, Nancy Abu-bonsrah moved from Ghana to Maryland about 11 year ago….

Nancy Abu-bonsrah posted the message below with the photo below on her Facebook page:

”What a way to begin the Sabbath! I still haven’t processed it yet but this is such an honor and a privilege to join the department at Hopkins to begin this next phase of my career. I’m so fortunate to have the continued support of my husband, family, friends and mentors. Kwabena and I are excited for what’s ahead!…”

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

Huge congrats! Making Ghana and Africa proud!


Photo credit:  HopkinsMedNews /Nancy Abu-Bonsrah


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