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Miss Nigeria UK 2019

Miss Nigeria UK 2019

Miss Nigeria UK 2019

Miss Nigeria UK is an annual cultural pageantry that targets the expression of Nigeria cultural heritage in diaspora.

It empowers and enriches Nigeria culture in the United Kingdom and also strengthens the British-Nigerian community.

Previously called Mr and Miss Nigeria UK, the colourful event has awarded many reputable British-Nigerians and has since inception, met the primary aim as it converges Nigerians living in the United Kingdom.

The events also helps inculcate the alluring culture of Nigeria to her citizens born in the United Kingdom.




The cultural pageant that sees Nigerians, the contestants and audience, dressing in colourful attires of their motherland began in 2014 with many Nigerians holding this prestigious award.

Prior to the change to Miss Nigeria UK, Bilal Nosaeweka won Mr. Nigeria UK.

Theo Ogundipe (male) and Janelle Ezeanaka (female) won the awards in 2015 and in 2016, Teedum Nke-ee (male) and Hannah Agboola (female) received the prestigious awards.

The pageantry took another turn and changed to Miss Nigeria UK with Temi Soyinka being the last recipient and the current Nigerian beauty queen UK.




The Grand Finale of this year’s edition of Nigeria’s cultural heritage will hit London on 30th November 2019.

Miss Nigeria UK is sponsored by Royal Air Maroc and SMADE entertainment.

This event is certainly going to be full of glamor as many Nigerians in diaspora anticipate the joint efforts of the two prominent hosts.

Criteria for eligibility are quite simple, however, you have to be at least 50% Nigerian descent and reside in the United Kingdom.

Tickets available at:

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Miss Nigeria UK has efficiently helped celebrate their cultural heritage and proudly promotes indigenous attires, costume and music genres.

The cultural pageantry panel of judges decides on the winner without being bias. They are a group of professionals with a handful of experience in pageantry.

This platform reminds British-Nigerians of their root and surely attracts them to their motherland.

Fingers crossed as we all anticipate WHO TAKES THE CROWN???.





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