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Mzznaki Claps Back At Body Shamers…

Mzznaki Claps Back At Body Shamers…

Congratulations!  Kojo Amoah found the one whom his soul loves and ‘put the ring on it’  Mzznaki Tetteh, a nurse from Ghana was so excited about her engagement that she decided to share the good news by posting her photos on Instagram.

The last thing on her mind was ‘haters and fat shamers’ picking on her instead of  congratulating her. Beautiful Mzznaki perfectly Clapped back at the body shamers by just deleting their insensitive comments and posting more photos. Way to go girl! In our opinion she has won over them because what they meant to use to bring her down has now rather put Mzznaki on a higher platform all over the world. Mzznaki is a professional lovely, kind and sweet, yes she is beautiful! She can’t stop thanking all her supporters…

‘They meant evil against her but God meant it for good’. Boutiques …are offering her wedding dress, shoes and more for free. We can’t wait for wedding photos..

To  echo her fiancé we’re also so proud of Mzznaki and don’t care about what anybody says. She’s happy, her future husband loves and appreciates her! That’s all that matter!

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