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New Documentary: British Ghanaians Lost in Translation To Premiere on 6th March

New Documentary: British Ghanaians Lost in Translation To Premiere on 6th March

Celebrating Ghana’s 58th Independence… On Ghana Independence Day, Friday, 6 March 2015,  OH TV will air the investigative documentary titled “British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation?”

Join television presenter Ortis Deley (Gadget Show, Channel 5), sets out on a quest to discover the root causes of the decline in Ghanaian languages, being spoken in London amongst British Ghanaians. Inspired by his own lack of fluency in a Ghanaian language, Ortis is intrigued by the stories of other successful British Ghanaians, who aren’t all fluent Ghanaian language speakers either.

British Ghanaians Lost in Translation

He aims to encourage Ghanaians everywhere in Britain to learn their languages and therefore further embrace their cultural identity.

Do not miss out on this insightful documentary!

Showing Friday 6th March 2015 – Ghana Independence Day


OH TV is available on SKY CHANNEL 199 and Vision TV via Freeview Channel 244

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Credit: British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation


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