Asamoah Gyan Recognized As CAF (Cup of Nations) Legend In The AFCON Total Energies 2021 Draws

Congratulations Are In Order!

Greatest of all time Ghanaian goal scorer, Asamoah Gyan grabs recognition at the just ended CAF African Cup of Nations final draw under the auspices of Total Energies.

Held in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé on Tuesday night August 17, 2021, the programme produced a list of power-packed and legendary African national soccer players of which Ghana’s favourite Asamaoh Gyan, popularly known as “Baby Jet” was not left out.

The former Ghana Black Stars’ captain was named amongst  veteran colleagues such as Cameroon’s legendary Samuel Eto’o Fils and women’s soccer icon, Gaëlle Deborah Enganamouit and most celebrated Ivory Coast player, Didier Drogba. All the superstars were selected by the officials of CAF and organizers from the host country to assist them and the teams’ delegates in the final draw.

Assamoah Gyan took to his official social media handles to express his appreciation to CAF for the honour. also, he highlighted few supported and friends with their handles under his appreciation post. He was massively praised and commended by his followers and fans online for his admirable recognition.

As jovial and lively as he is, the well-decorated soccer player was captured in a video which he happily made a humorous statement regarding his goal scoring and dance moves that Ghanaians love to see and dance along. Despite putting on the African print, it has always been his desire to be the Ghanaian jersey and score and dance for Ghanaians to be happy because it also helps the players to be elated. Adding that he feels so delighted to be present at the AFCON Total Energies 2021 draw

Former Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan grateful to CAF for legendary recognition

Asamoah Gyan remains one of the key players in the Ghanaian national team notable for scoring over 51 goals for the country with his 109 appearance. He joined the national team and made his debut professional appearance in 2003 when he scored his maiden goal for Ghana at the FIFA World Cup qualifying series. Well-known for his striking position number 3, the leading goal scorer represented Ghana both in World Cup and African Cup tournaments.

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He holds the record for the most African goal scorer in the history of world cup scoring over 6 goals in his appearance from 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cup tournaments. He’s recognised for his landmark first ever and fastest goal scored in the 2006 FIFA world cup during the match between Ghana and the Czech Republic earning the black stars a 2:0 victory against their opponent. The same goal was Ghana’s debut goal in the history of world cup.

He led the national team to its maiden quarter finals in the 2010 World Cup with his last minute’s goal during the extra time of play and won over the Americans. He contributed to Ghana’s position of 2nd runner up in the 2008 AFCON held in Ghana which was his debut AFCON appearance. Subsequently, he scored goals that gave Ghana recognition on the map of the football game.

Ghanaians love watching Asamoah Gyan for his zeal and love for the country, the dribbles on the field of play and the joy he brings to the heart of Ghanaians in the seasons of international football games.

The 2021 African cup of nations tournament is kicking off in Cameroon from January, 09 to February, 06 2022. Ghana will be playing against  Morocco, Comoros and Gabon in their group (c.)

CAF Legend Asamoah Gyan has encouraged the Black Stars to focus on winning the group stages and aim at wining the trophy. Hopefully, the Ghanaian national team will come out successfully.

Congratulations to Asamoah Gyan for his CAF recognition.

Photo Credit: Asamoah Gyan |AFCON Total Energies 2021


Retired Ivorian national football team captain and striker of the Chelsea FC, Didier Drogba turns a year older.

The greatest of all time, soccer player has been honoured greatly on his birthday by his fans across the globe and the various clubs he played a pivotal role in the world of football.

His soccer colleagues also paid tribute to the living legend on his 43rd birthday celebration for the never ending excellent skills displayed as a professional footballer.


Knowns officially as Didier Yves Drogba Tébily, was born on March 11 in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. Drogba spent few years of his childhood age in France where he was raided by his uncle who was then a professional footballer.

Drawing inspiration from his uncle, he gained passion for football and decided to follow his passion at age five by making soccer his hobby and played almost every day at a car park where he lived. Later on, his parents moved to France.

Developing his professional skills, Drogba joined a French local sporting youth club, Levallois as an apprentice where he contributed exceptionally and impressed the team’s officials when he was just 15 years old.

At 21, he signed his first professional deal with Le Mans Club in Ligue 2, a France professional soccer league. He served the club from 1998-2002.  Drogba then moved to another club known as, Guingamp, between the years 2002 and 2003 where he scored 17 goals out of his 34 appearances.

In 2004, he stepped up his game by signing a prestigious contract with Premier League Club, Chelsea where he made remarkable impact on the team with his dribbling skills as the club’s striker.

Indeed, Drogba’s success in Chelsea gave room for the African continent in gaining international recognition in producing highly skilled young talents in the world.

It also inspired African players and served as a measure to explore their unknown abilities that earned them both local and international recognition.

Didier Drogba played a major role for Chelsea FC by helping the team to win its first Premier League Champions after 50 years while he made his debut appearance for Chelsea.

His subsequent roles for the clubs was such incredible that, he gained extraordinary titles in his name. He was recognised by FIFA for being the first Ivorian player to score a goal in the 2006 World Cup.

He is also the only African player to score highest goals for the club and 100 goals in Premier Leagues.  

Other soccer clubs the ace footballer joined include, Olympique de Marseille, Shanghai Shenhua, Galatasaray, Montreal Impact and Phoenix Rising. Drogba retired from his profession officially in 2018, at 40 years.


Aside his massive contribution in soccer, Drogba has taken up several social and philanthropic projects to help young ones in fulfilling their dreams through his Didier Drogba Foundation which was established in 2007.


Today we celebrate a true legend of Africa and the world at large. Happy birthday Didier drogba.

Congratulations to Didier Drogba  the winner of UEFA’s President’s Award Trophy !

On Thursday, October 01, former Ivorian national team captain and Chelsea FC player, Didier Drogba received a prestigious award for the 2020 UEA President’s Award held in Geneva.

Drogba was celebrated for his astonish achievements, professional excellence and impacts in the world of football and outside football both locally and internationally.


UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin in a statement described the superstar as a leader and pioneer, committed to nothing but excellence on and off the pitch who deserves such an accolade to help give hope to Africans following their dreams and fall under the inspiration of Didier Drogba.

He also explained that, Drogba will always be celebrated for his remarkable flairs in the game, strength, intelligence, zeal to always be at the top and most importantly his dedication to success, making him a great hero to many football fans across the globe.


Drogba played a significant role in the champions league during his era with the Chelsea football club in Stamford bridge where he scored the equalising goal against Bayern in 2012 for Chelsea to win the champions league for the first time through penalties.

According to records, Drogba made 381 appearances with the club and scored 164 goals in all competitions.

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Drogba among other super talented footballers in Africa like George Weah and Samuel Eto’o are regarded as the trailblazers for African footballers

renowned competitions as such due to their incredible performance in the UEFA champions league which is now the greatest club competition in the world.

He was the best ivory coast had and one of the best talents to emerge from Africa to have projected the continent beyond.

As part of Drogba’s remarks, this milestone has always been his dream since he was a child and with his determination, passion and support from the world he achieved this dream.

He further asserted that it is very important to support the young talents who have similar foresight not necessarily in football but in any field in the developing countries.

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Hence, his part in fulfilling the dreams of these youth is through his charity organisation which seeks to assist in children’s education and putting up educational infrastructure which is the key prerequisite to the route of success.

He said, for him to demonstrate the passion for education, he had to set the example by going back to school even in his early 40’s, following his retirement from football in 2018 to study for UEFA’s executive master for international players (MIP) programme.

He also explained that the best way to execute his plan was to use his intellect and think about how to stay in football and go into management.

That is why he decided to educate himself in order to acquire the tools and skills needed as an ambitious man who has the desire to contribute to the development of football.

Born in Abijan, Drogba captained the Ivorian national team from 2006 until his retirement from the team. He played for the national team 105 times and scored 65goals making him all-time top goal scorer for the country.

The team made its first qualification to the FIFA World Cup in 2006 under the leadership of Didier Drogba and also scored their first goal.

He led the team to the finals of 2006 and 2014 African Cup of Nations.

Drogba retired from professional football when he turned 40 in 2018. Later in the year Didier Drogba was appointed the Vice President of the international organization Peace and Sport…


Top professional footballer Didier Drogba turns a year older today. Join us in wishing Drogba an awesome birthday! 

Que Dieu te bénisse

Happy Birthday Didier Drogba

Just in case you didn’t know:

Didier Drogba is the 1st African player to score 50 goals in European competitions…

He is one of the celebs who gives back!

He launched the first of the 5 hospitals he earlier promised to offer to his country as part of his charity activities.

Through his foundation ‘The Didier Drogba Foundation‬ in the Attécoubé.

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The $1 million health complex will mainly cater for less privileged women and children, according to officials.

Built on a plot of 800 square meters, the hospital has many facilities including an ultrasound room, a maternal and child protection unit, an x-ray block, an ultra modern laboratory, a pharmacy and hospitalisation and isolation wards.

About 50,000 patients will to get treatment at the facility every year, according to Guy Roland Tanoh, secretary of Didier Drogba Foundation, which is handling the project. 

The remaining four are the Ivorian cities of Yamoussoukro, San Pedro, Man and Korhogo. Drogba‬ has the distinction of being highest goal-scorer of any foreign player in the Premier League, and was even voted the best Chelsea player by supporters of the club in 2012.

More about Didier Drogba here

Didier Yves Drogba Tébily was born on 11 March, 1978. His mother, nicknamed him “Tito” after President Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, whom she greatly admired.

At the tender age age 5 he went to  live with his uncle the professional football player Michel Goba in France and was reunited with his parents in 1993 after they moved to France.

  • He’s the most expensive Ivorian player in history.
  • Both his brothers are footballers.
  • Drogba was the first African player to score 100 premier league goals.
  • He was also the first player to be sent off in a European Cup final for violent conduct.
  • Drogba used his position to help the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Drogba was appointed a goodwill ambassador for the UN in 2007.
  • first initiative was to build a hospital in Abidjan Drogba is a True Touch of Class!
  • Didier Drogba ranks seventh among English football first tier top scorers by titles?

We wish Didier Drogba more Success, Happiness and Good Health…

Didier Drogba is one of the most talented and successful African footballers

Credit: Didier Drogba


Today marks a memory day in the lives of the children of Pokou-Kouamékro village of Gagnoa, Côte D’ivoire as the school ‘The Didier Drogba Foundation’ built, opens its door to the children. 

The new primary school called EPP Didier Drogba comprises of  7 classroom facility (6 classrooms, a kindergarten class) also has a football pitch, housing allocations for teachers Thanks to The Didier Drogba Foundation supported by  Nestlé and ICI (International Cocoa Initiative)  almost 300+ children can now have a well deserved education.


‘There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people’

Bravo grand homme!

‘There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people… Until we next time check out 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇  👇



We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have our parents alive and how these kids are alone” ~ Didier Drogba‪Didier Drogba Foundation‬’s


Ivorian football star Didier Drogba has been captain of the Côte d’Ivoire national team for the last decade. Drogba‬ has the distinction of being highest goal-scorer of any foreign player in the Premier League, and was even voted the best Chelsea player by supporters of the club in 2012. But beneath the surface, there are many things you didn’t know about Didier Drogba.

Didier Drogba wants all his followers repost this.
Didier Drogba wants all his followers to repost this.

1.Drogba’s mother, Name, nicknamed him “Tito” after President Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, whom she greatly admired. 2.He was sent to live with his uncle in France at a young age 3.He was reunited with his parents in 1993 after they moved to France. 4.He’s the most expensive Ivorian player in history. 5.Both his brothers are footballers. 6.Drogba was the first African player to score 100 premier league goals.

7.He was also the first player to be sent off in a European Cup final for violent conduct. 8.Drogba used his position to help the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire. 9.Drogba was appointed a goodwill ambassador for the UN in 2007. 10.The Didier Drogba Foundation‬’s first initiative was to build a hospital in Abidjan Drogba is a True Touch of Class!

The Ivorian professional footballer took to his Instagram page to today, December 21st 2016 with the photos and caption below:

‘Petite visite à l’orphelinat d’Adiaké pour apporter de la joie de l’affection à ces enfants seuls. On ne réalise pas toujours à quel point nous sommes chanceux d’avoir nos parents à nos côtés. An emotional stop at this orphanage from Adiaké, outside Abidjan to give some love and some present to this orphans with different but heartbreaking stories. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to have our parents alive and how these kids are alone. ” ~Didier Drogba

He was also at Abrabo’s school  Abidjan yesterday. 

”Très belle journée hier avec cette remise de cadeau de Noël pour les enfants de l’école de Abrabo…Had an amazing time yesterday with didier drogba foundation giving away some Christmas presents to this kids from Abrabo’s school outside Abidjan….”

God continue to bless you!

the-didier-drogba-foundation the-didier-drogba-foundation

Keep up the good work!  Credit: Didier Drogba

Chelsea/ Ivorian striker Didier Drobga has confirmed he’s leaving Chelsea Football Club!  The Chelsea striker took to his Instagram to post the following message and photo:

‘Today will be my last game for CFC. I have spoken at length with Jose and he understands I want to play for at least one more season. In order to play more football I know I need to go to another club. All the fans know my love for Chelsea & I hope to be back here in the future in another role.

Let’s enjoy all together!!!!’

Didier Drogba

More about Didier Drogba here

Thank Didier you have made the whole of Africa PROUD! We will miss you a lot! What a LEGEND!

Credit: Didier Drogba