In Case You Missed It  – Do you love posting semi nude or sexy photos on your social media pages?  The Tanzanian Government has banned all celebrities from posting nude photos on social media.

According to Pulse Live Kenya, Musician and Actress Susan Michael aka Pretty Kind is one of the African Celebrities who is in hot water for posting saucy on her social media handles. It is believed she has been sentenced to prison for some months. 

Please note this semi-nude photo is for demo only

All Models, Artists, Celebs in similar Entertainment sector are required to register with the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority TCRA…

Any Celebrity who is caught posting explicit images on their social media handles will be banned! Meaning they will not be able to star in movies, tv show, music videos or perform for about 6 months.

The Tanzania Assistant Minister of Information, Culture and Arts, Ms. Juliana Shonza, explain that the Tanzanian government wants to celebs to set good example in their community.

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Source/Credit: Pulse Live Kenya


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