Bestman-Games-Unveils-Nigeria-The first ever West African Commemorative Country edition of Monopoly was unveiled on Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 in Nigeria. The edition showcases some of the nation’s most famous heritage sites – from Olumo rock in Abeokuta to the Wikki Warm Spring in Yankari National Park. Nimi Akinkugbe, CEO of Bestman Games explained, “This special Nigeria centenary edition, speaks eloquently and visually to our diversity and uniqueness as a nation as it illuminates the numerous and precious heritage sites and iconic locations across our vast country”.

The Monopoly board game showcases some of the nation’s most famous heritage sites like the Olumo rock towering over the ancient city of Abeokuta and the picturesque Wikki Warm Spring in Yankari National Park while the box lid and its brochure inside captures the wide array of attractions, cultural events and the rich history that is Nigerian.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria, was also featured on the board game.

This iconic edition offers more than just the thrill of playing the Monopoly game. In its “Opportunity” and “Chance” cards are strong social messages that seek to educate players about Nigeria’s environmental laws, promote personal financial literacy, travel and tourism. Another unique feature of this edition is the inclusion by Hasbro of a special playing token in form of a football boot. The boot was included to acknowledge and celebrate the country’s common love for football and to honor Nigeria’s outstanding National teams – the Eagles, the Falcons and the Flamingoes – that have proved themselves over the years. 

Credit: Nigeria News

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