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Maid From Hell Caught On Camera Charged With Attempted Murder

Maid From Hell Caught On Camera Charged With Attempted Murder

Ugandan maid from hellThe Innocent little Ugandan Girl violently abused by the nanny from hell has been confirmed to be still alive and recovered.

In a video that has shocked the world, the maid is seen slapping and punching the innocent little girl she goes ahead to stand on the little baby with all her weight because the little girl pukes on the floor after suffering the slaps and punching from her. This wicked maid with no conscious went on watching TV and eating with no care in the world. How evil and inhuman can one be? The Maid is now allegedly confined to a wheelchair and feeding through tubes due to the severe beating she received from the baby’s father. If this is true at least she got a taste of her own medicine!….The maid was charged in Kampala, Uganda court on November 20th, 2014.

** Be warned the video is very difficult to watch

Watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think.

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We all have to be careful when hiring nannies/maids to look after our children. After watching this video ask yourself do you trust your maid/nanny 100%????

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