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What Is Fashion And Why Are People Obsessed With It

What Is Fashion And Why Are People Obsessed With It

African Celebrities Who Inspire Us To Dress Better (In no particular order)


Photo Credit: Zari the boss lady

Ever heard of the theory of Enclothed Cognition, not to worry I can guarantee there are  millions of people who also have no idea what it is either.

It short, word on the street is that some researchers decided to find out if what we wear has any effect Psychological on us.

They got some white lab coats popularly worn by doctors and gave some students put into 2 groups.

Group A were given lab coats to wear and were told that they belonged to painters, Group B were given the same lab coats to wear but were told they belonged to doctors.

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They were then assigned tasks and the results showed that Group B made less mistakes because they associated the lab coat with carefulness and attention to detail

Let’s take Moesha Boduong’s photo below for instance, she posed for the first photo when she visited her home town and the other image was for an event.

What comes to your mind when you see these images? Exactly the point fashion is trying to prove!

Photo Credit: Moesha Boduong

it was concluded clothing has a significant influence on how we perceive ourselves and can even change performance.

So what is fashion and why is it so important?

Fashion can be two things: It can be as simple as something you put on to make yourself feel beautiful, or as dynamic as something that illustrates your culture.


Photo credit: Anna Spio Tv Personality

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Fashionistas use fashion to express themselves.  They look at fashion as a form of art and get to become artist everyday when they put on an outfit,  for most people it’s a sense of identity.

However, with the social media age we are invited to watch the lives of the rich and famous, what they wear to how much it cost.

Huddah Monroe – Huddah The Boss Chick

Consuming such content daily has had an influence on the everyday most people, they now also want to wear the same clothing as the stars.

Photo Credit: Huddah Monroe

Which financially is not very easy especially if you are not a celebrity.

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Instagram has also opened a new career for influencers, that allows fashion lovers to make money on the app, this has influenced a lot of us millennials in our clothing choices.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Nelson – Outfit by Rynbyyn

Photo Credit: Yvonne Nelson – Outfit by Rynbyyn

Brands now push their products through social influencers and we find ourselves wearing the clothing that these influencers advertise to us.

Photo Credit: Anna Spio Tv Personality

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so is it really showing your personality or we have been influenced to make the clothing choices we make today ?

Photo Credit: Christabel Ekeh

Fashion is ever evolving, trends come, go then come back again, fashion still remains an obsession because its tied to how we view ourselves,

Just like the Enclothed Cognition theory… 

Photo Credit: Anna Spio Tv Personality



Source/Credit: Research | Fashion Digest| African Celebrities

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