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Zari the Boss Lady and Fantana Savagely insult each other over

Zari the Boss Lady and Fantana Savagely insult each other over

 Young, Famous & African Season 2: Feud  Between Fantana And Zari Hassan Gets out of Control

The second season of the much-anticipated reality series “Young, Famous & African” has brought a dramatic feud between two prominent figures, Zari Hassan and Fantana, that has drawn online audiences’ attention and become a trending topic on several platforms.

Credit: Diamond Platnumz (lnstagram)

“Young, Famous & African” is a Netflix original reality show. On May 19, 2023, the program’s second season was made available. The show centres  on a group of well-off and glitzy African media figures dominating their specialized industries.

 Let’s explore the specifics of this continuing conflict that has internet viewers riveted.


Photo Credit : Zari Hassan (Instagram)

The Accusations:

 Diamond, Zari Hassan’s ex-partner, has been accused  with lying about her wealth. Zari Hassan, a self-described “self-made billionaire,” 

Zari has also claimed that Diamond twisted their earlier contacts and made fake claims to obtain recognition. In response, Zari claimed that Diamond allowed Fantana, a rising star in the music industry, to disrespect her and accused Diamond of seeking attention by involving himself with individuals she deemed lacking integrity. These accusations have stoked the already raging argument between the parties.


Fantana has responded to Zari’s charges with a shocking assertion of her own while passionately refuting them. According to the self-acclaimed biggest Ghanaian female dancehall artist, Zari allegedly underwent body remodeling treatments in an effort to resemble the youthful dancehall musician. To back up her assertion, Fantana cited what she believed to be proof, such as a misplaced navel. Fantana further questioned the legality of Zari’s fortune by referencing the 2023 list of Africa’s billionaires and Zari’s self-declared billionaire status.

Photo Credit: Fantana (lnstagram)

The feud quickly spilled over onto social media, where Zari and Fantana  exchanged posts and comments. Fantana took the chance to refute Zari’s assertions and chastised her for supposedly making up a fictitious life. Fans and followers fiercely taking sides and sharing their ideas on the subject have also caused a flurry of conversations and disputes in the internet community.

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As the feud continues to unfold, fans and followers eagerly anticipate the next episode of the reality show, where further developments are expected. However, the confrontation between the two has drawn interest from their devoted fan groups and the larger internet community. Discussions and arguments continue to feed the division in the online community. As both sides continue to defend their viewpoints publicly, it is still unclear how this disagreement will be resolved.

Who do you think is at fault? Diamond Platnumz, Zari The Boss Lady or Fantana ?

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Photo Credit: Zari The Boss Lady, Fantana,

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