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African Americans In Ghana Decry Conditions For Repatriation

African Americans In Ghana Decry Conditions For Repatriation

In the past African Americans living in Ghana have complained about the fact that they are treated as foreigners and not ‘brothers and sisters’ who went away and are returning. African Americans who have repatriated to Ghana tracing their ancestry and planning to resettle have expressed disappointment at the high level of corruption in government institutions across the country. They especially singled out the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and other institution for condemnation.

African Americans In Ghana Decry Conditions For Repatriation

They are accusing some officials of the Ghana Immigration Service for allegedly demanding bribes from them before considering granting them Ghanaian citizenship. An affected person mentioned that even though she has lived in the country for over 25 years, she still has to confront this situation.

Speaking to our correspondent Isaac Bediako anonymously on the sidelines of the just ended Pan African Congress in Accra, she intimated that some Immigration officers actually suggest to them to marry Ghanaians in order to qualify for citizenship or even a resident visa, a situation she describes as unfortunate. She lamented that this affects the returning ‘lost children’ emotionally and spiritually. “Even though you come back to what you feel is your motherland, you still don’t feel like you are at home”….Continue here

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Source: Ghana News/Isaac K. Bediako

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