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We may not be aware, but quite a lot of celebrities were born in Africa. Some of them moved to Europe or the US with their families while some of them still reside in their home country.

Nevertheless, all of them had significant impacts on the society both with their brilliant works and their volunteering activities that raised awareness among millions.

Lupita Nyong’o is the daughter of Kenyan politician Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. Although his parents are from Kenya, his father was teaching in Mexico at the time of her birth. One year after her birth, they moved to Kenya where she spent her childhood until college. She studied film and theater studies in Hampshire College in the US and continued pursuing a master’s degree at Yale.

Her acting career began at the age of 14 at a Kenyan-based theater company called Phoenix Players. She starred Juliet in their production of Romeo and Juliet. When she moved to the US, she first worked as part of the production crew until 2008.

She went back and forth between Kenya and the US since she also appeared in Kenyan TV shows and movies.

Her first breakthrough role was right after she graduated from Yale in 2013. She starred in Steve McQueen’s historical drama called 12 Years a Slave.

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The movie received widespread acclaim, especially her performance that brought her several awards including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Globe, BAFTA and so on. She went on to continue her stage live as well as appearing in other motion captures such as Non-Stop, Star Wars:

The Force Awakens and Black Panther. Currently, she is the lead role in Jordan Peele’s second psychological thriller “Us”. The critics and the audience have been dazzled by her outstanding performance as the main character and her evil doppelganger…

Happy Birthday Lupita Nyong’o

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