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Black Panther: Everything You Need To Know…

Black Panther: Everything You Need To Know…


Black Panther is surely one of the most attention-grabbing Marvel superhero films of the decade. The incredible acting and the special effects are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind those, there is a very long period of planning, development and production efforts.

The seeds of the movie were planted way back in 1992 with Wesley Snipes announcing that he intended to portray and introduce an African-based superhero movie to Hollywood. Snipes was having negotiations with Columbia Pictures to star in the movie.

The early development involved several screenwriters and directors coming together to create the synopsis, however, the co-creator Stan Lee was allegedly not happy with the outcome. In addition, the crew had issues with Marvel, so the project was put on hold.

Making Of The Movie

In 2005, The Marvel Chairman and CEO Avi Arad declared Black Panther as one of the upcoming projects under production. Several directors and script writers were approached in 2009. In the meantime, Wesley Snipes dropped out of the project due to his situation.

In 2014, Kevin Feige – the Marvel Studios president – took on the role of producer and announced a release date on November 3, 2017. Chadwick Boseman was cast as Black Panther without even auditioning for the role. The release date was then changed to February 2018 due to difficulties in finding a director.

For directing, several directors were considered including Ava DuVernay, F. Gary Gray and Ryan Coogler but most of the directors were already involved in other Marvel projects. Finally, the production confirmed that Ryan Coogler would be directing the movie. Then, Joe Robert Cole agreed to write the screenplay together with Coogler and Feige.

Movie Cast

In 2016, the rest of the cast was determined including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan and Winston Duke. In 2017, it was also announced that characters of Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis from other Marvel movies would reprise their roles.

Filming began in early 2017 at EUR/Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta. Other filming locations included Sweet Auburn neighborhood, the High Museum of Art and Atlanta City Hall, Busan in South Korea and Bwindi National Park in Uganda.

The filming took approximately four months. The editing was done by Michael Shawver and Debbie Berman. The visual effects were created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

The world premiere of the movie was at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on January 29, 2018 with the participation of the director and the cast members. It was released in United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan shortly after.

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Reaction To The Movie

The movie grossed 700 million USD in the United States and Canada and 1.347 billion USD worldwide, becoming the highest grossing solo superhero movie, the highest grossing movie by a black director and the ninth highest grossing film overall. Its net profit was estimated to be 477 million USD.

The movie takes places in the fictional sub-Saharan country of Wakanda and begins with the death of the king. T’Challa, the king’s son is about to be crowned, but he is challenged by powerful enemies that will stop at nothing to destroy T’Challa at the cost of the country’s future and the people of Wakanda.

He must collaborate with CIA agent Everett K. Ross and members of Wakandan special forces while releasing the hero that lies within: Black Panther.

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