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China unveils giant Mandela artwork

China unveils giant Mandela artwork

China unveils giant Mandela artworkA 30m long panoramic artwork of Mandela’s lifetime was revealed in Shanghai, China, in celebration of International Mandela Day.

The gigantic artwork, created by Chinese artist Li Bin, is on show at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum. It is a combination of 15 pieces which combine to form Mandela’s lifetime timeline.

Over 100 people, including SA and international delegates, artists and members of the public attended the event. The statue is unveiled as the world celebrates International Mandela Day for the first time since his passing in 2013.

Peace and forgiveness were among the traits remembered by attendees who expressed their love and admiration for the late SA statesman.

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The painting will go on a world tour after coming to South Africa in 2015. China also released “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” in Shanghai cinemas on the day.

Source: sabc

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