According to Punch,  the U.S Embassy Consular Coordinator William Laidlaw has explained the US visa application processes and why some Nigerians are denied U.S Visa……contrary to what most people think, the the US visa application processes not that complicated……

Consular Coordinator  William Laidlaw also added that their aim it to improve the visa processes to make it less complicated  for Nigerians…

visaLaidlaw explained that to qualify for a visit to the US, an applicant must show that he has social and economic ties sufficient to meet the American immigration terms, adding that those who failed to meet this requirement are often turned down..

Listed below are some of the reasons U.S Embassy Consular Coordinator William Laidlaw gave

  •  “To really qualify for a visit to the US, you have to show you have social and economic ties sufficient to meet the immigration terms we have in our laws’
  • “To have those social and economic ties usually means somebody who has developed a career, developed a household and has done something to develop himself within Nigeria.”
  • “If you can establish your social and economic ties and we understand who you are in Nigerian context, that allows us to make an evaluation judgment; It’s very hard for very young people, I’m sorry, but that’s the way the law is written,” he said.
  •  “Between 2009 and 2014, visa applications rose by 345 per cent in our missions based in Abuja and Lagos. Nigeria is an expanding country and the Nigerian middle class is becoming more and more prominent and growing and all those things reflected in the growth rate we see in visa applications.”     …… Read Full Story here.

Credit: Punch

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