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Ghana And Nigeria Issues

Ghana And Nigeria Issues

Nigeria-Ghana Relations


Ghana and Nigeria didn’t have the friendliest political relations in the history. Perhaps, the biggest trigger of the conflicts between the two countries was the immigrants. Neither of them was tolerant to the immigrants of each other, as many of them ended up being deported.

The most prominent example is the mass expulsion of Nigerians from Ghana in 1969. 200,000 Nigerians were deported for posing economic threat in the country.

Nigeria-Ghana Relations

In a similar manner, two million Ghanaian immigrants were beaten and deported by the Nigerian armed forces in 1983. As for the most recent unrest, it is mostly because of the Nigerian communities in Ghana. (Ghana must go era)



Nigeria-Ghana Relations


Kidnapping, Robbery Cases, Abusive behaviour Scamming, defrauding, 419… By Some Nigerians

The last few months witnessed the increased crime rates associated with the residents of the Nigerian neighbourhoods. This was mainly due to kidnapping and robbery cases.

The most recognized incident was the kidnapping of two Canadian tourists, Bailey Jordan Chitty (20) and Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley (19), who were travelling through the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Although they were saved one week later and 10 people were arrested, the main suspects were three Nigerian men whom the police thought planned the kidnapping. One of the suspects, Samson Aghalor Alias Romeo, admitted to his involvement in the girls’ abduction and apologised to the victims and their families.

Nigeria-Ghana Relations

Despite his confession, he also claimed that the BNI and CID forces were torturing him and the other two Nigerian suspects (Yusif Yakubu and Seidu Abubakari) to get a forced confession out of them.

The claims were denied by the Senior State Attorney Hilda Craig, who recognized these accusations as an attempt to make BNI look bad.

Another recent incident was the kidnapping of the 61-year-old Lebanese Consular General. The suspects are again three Nigerian men, whom the police forces are still looking for.

Among many similar cases, the most intense ones were the child murders. A suburb in Kasoa is currently undergoing the sparks of a rising tension after the murder of a two-year-old boy.

Nigerian residents

The primary suspect is again a Nigerian resident. Filled with angst and hate, the other residents are threatening to take the matters into their own hands.

This will affect not only the suspects, but all the Nigerian residents of the neighbourhood since they will be forced to move out as well.

The previous year was no different. Among the cases were the abduction and murders of Ghanaian women in Takoradi.

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Nigerian Community in Ghana supports the idea that those who commit such crimes should face charges regardless of their nationality, but also cautions the authorities against wrongful and biased conviction.

Moses Owharo, the head of the All Nigerian Communities in Ghana, indicated that some of the suspects were arrested without any compelling evidence. He is generally upset that the excessive amount of wrongful convictions is tarnishing Nigeria’s reputation.

Nigeria-Ghana Relations

The is not unique, there has been instances where some Nigerians have travelled abroad using Ghanaian passport or identities to defraud or course problems, this really tarnishes Ghana’s image abroad.

We have so many Nigerians starting cults in some Universities in Ghana, others are believed to marry Ghanaian women to get Ghanaian passports and whole lots of scams.

There are so many Nigerian’s impacting the world positively. We hope the bad nuts will stop scamming ways…

The Ghanaian president Nana Akufo Addo is expected to reach out to Nigeria’s president if the crime rate and the involvement of Nigerian groups continue to rise…



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