Following president Akufo-Addo’s address to the nation, concerning the measures government has put in place to fight the coronavirus on Wednesday March 11, 2019 since, Ghana’s immediate neighbours have all had the Covid-19 cases.

Unfortunately, Ghana just confirmed its first two cases of the virus the next day March 12, 2020 after the president address to the nation about the coronavirus.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Health disclosed that, laboratory reports from Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research confirmed the deadly virus cases in Ghana.

The two infected persons had returned to Ghana, one from Norway and the other from Turkey. Currently, both of them are in isolation seeking medical attention to ensure the situation is contained.

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According to the government, a sum of Ghana cedi equivalent to $100million is set aside to fully expand health infrastructures, hospital beds, buy healthcare materials and create awareness especially, on the dos and don’ts on the virus through media platforms.

Again, president Akufo -Addo has urged Ghanaians to refrain from travels outside the country even among public officials, to avoid the virus infection except it’s for critical purpose.

Moreover, the government in collaboration with the ministry of health have set up quarantined services at the airports and boarders to isolate infected persons after being screened at these entry points.

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Gatherings that has to do with huge number of people like schools, churches, parties, funerals, organisation etc. have been asked to set up mechanisms to alert individuals involved on basic protective measures.

The most important thing is for Ghanaians to adhere to cautions, education and follow the preventive measures to avoid transmission of the novel Coronavirus, now that it has landed in the country.

Credit: President Akufo -Addo

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