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Ghana is fast becoming a hub for African Americans

Ghana is fast becoming a hub for African Americans

Ghana Tourism: Ghana is fast becoming a hub for African Americans

Why Ghana

Ghana is fast becoming a Mecca for black Americans who are looking for profitable opportunities in a new environment. According to recent reports, more than 10,000 African-Americans visit Ghana yearly.

The History of Ghana

Ghana is a country in Western Africa with an estimated population of 28 million people. The capital city of present-day Ghana is Accra. 

Ghana achieved its independence from colonial rule in 1957. It was the first black African country to achieve its independence led by the famous Pan-African leader Kwame Nkrumah.

Ghana grew as a result of the Trans-Saharan trade where West Africans exchanged precious products such as gold, salt, ivory, and cloth.

Ghana Empire

This trade made Ghana grow powerful and its rulers became rich. Ancient Ghana embraced a monarchial system of government which was ruled by great kings. These great kings resided in the capital at Koumbi Saleh where they controlled all the gold. Some of these powerful kings of Ghana include; King Kaya Magan, Bassi, Tunka Manin, Abu Bakr ibn,(was a Somali Sultan)  , and Soumaba Cisse.

Ghana Empire was strong that  they had more than 200 or more warriors at a point in time. And were the most powerful and feared  at that time.

Ghana has fertile soils with a favourable climate for agriculture thus an estimate of 69% of Ghana’s land is used for Agricultural purposes.

In addition, the land has lush forests, miles of coastal sandy beaches, many wildlife, exotic waterfalls such Kintampo waterfalls, Boti waterfalls, Wli waterfalls and Tagbo falls, which is the largest waterfall in West Africa, which are tourist destinations.

Boti Falls

Boti falls is a twin fall, popularly described as male and female falls by the Koforidua residents. The tourist attraction is 90 minutes drive from Accra. This spectacular place attracts thousands of people across the whole of Ghana.

The falls originated from Ahenkwa-Amalakpo, falling over an igneous rock outcropped by weed into the River Pawnpawn. The name of the fall was coined out of the crop growing on the igneous rock, Boti Langmase.

The area was reported to have been discovered by a white catholic priest

Raining seasons:

The water level is high, causing these 2 falls to meet in what the residents termed as “mating ceremony”. tourists will have to move as close as just few steps away from the fall and at this point the tourist will be greeted by sprouting rainbows offering a mind-blowing view. The fall is today, one of the top attractions of the country.

Ghana has the largest manmade lake in the world by surface area, Lake Volta. Another major tourist destination in Ghana is Bosumtwi meteorite crater. Over the past years, Ghana has been ranked as the friendliest country in the world.

The country has famous castles, Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. To add on, there are numerous national parks namely; Kakum national park, Mole national park, and Ankasa national park.

The various forts in Ghana include; Fort Amsterdam, Fort Fredericksburg, Fort Santo Antonio, and Fort Metal Cross. Ghana is a beautiful and peaceful country with friendly people. 


Elmina Castle, Cape Coast

There are over 3,000 African American living in Ghana. Check out some of the best places to visit and reside in Ghana.


The fact remains that, the nation has consistently enjoyed a peaceful political climate without many threats of internal or external strife since it gained independence from the British in 1957.

Ghana’s temperate weather also makes it an attractive choice. The beautiful beaches, Ghanaians are very friendly, affordable cost of living, beautiful sites and historic places to visit…


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Most African-Americans that reside in Accra are entrepreneurs. Teaching is another highly desirable profession. However, there are many supports extended to foreign pupils and the qualified staff who instruct them.

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Did You Know? Ghana is one of the most stable African countries.



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