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Happy Independence Day Lesotho

Happy Independence Day Lesotho

Formerly  Basutoland, the Kingdom of Lesotho was formally granted its independence 

from Great Britain on October 4 1966. Lesotho was inhabited by hunter-gatherers, called the San Bushmen 
had been a British colony since the 1860s.

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In the 1820s, Moshoeshoe I, unified various Sotho groups who had fled the marauding Zulus into a single territory named Basutoland. In the 1830s, white settlers called Afrikaners, or Boers, began to encroach on Moshoeshoe’s territory. Numerous border skirmishes ensued as the Basotho fought the settlers. Having lost a great portion of his territory, Moshoeshoe asked Queen Victoria for help. She agreed to establish British protectorate over Basutoland in 1858….

Did you know that Diamonds and water are Lesotho’s main export earners?…. Lesotho Promise is the world’s 15th largest diamond.

Source! Lesotho History

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