No Surprises There! Most Ghanaian were rooting for Rashida The Black Beauty from Berekum, Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana to win the ‘Jigwe Viral Video of the Year 2016’ 


Rashida recently broke Ghana’s internet with this her first video ‘MALAFAKA’ When most ladies are dumped by their partners, they turn to swim in their sorrows indoors.

18 year old Rashida The Black Beauty took to social media to bitterly rant about her ex ‘Kushmai’… Her video went viral


What got most people’s attention was the word ‘MALAFAKA’  and the explicit details of how she got dumped and what she did for  her ex Kushmai….



Since then she has appeared on most radio and tv stations to give account of what led her to making the ”MALAFAKA’ video.

Today, December 2016 she has won Jigwe Viral Video of the Year 2016. The awards has divided the Ghanaian Nation, simply because some are of the view that such behaviour should not be rewarded whilst others believe she deserves to be a ‘star’

We hope aside becoming an actress, she will further her education and also get someone to guide her in the right direction and not take advantage of her…

There’s been so many debate as too whether Rashida is setting a good example for the youth or not.

Please let us know what you think about the above…

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