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La Malquerida (The Unloved)

La Malquerida (The Unloved)

La-malqueridaLa Malquerida (The Unloved) is a Mexican telenovela which tells a story of Acacia Benavente, a girl who loses her father, Alonso, when he was killed by an avalanche deliberately provoked by man whom he trusted … after just a year of being widowed Cristina, Acacia’s mother, finds love again… Acacia is angered, leaves the ranch they resides and heads to her grandparents home.


12  years later, she returns as an extremely and beautiful young lady,without her realizing it… which awakens in her stepfather Esteban, a deep and passionate desire…Cristina learns that husband mortgaged their ranch, La Benavente to cover the crops and livestocks… not finding a way to redeem the costs, she decides to sell the ranch and move to her parents house…her heart breaking at the thought that Acacia would lose the ranch she loved, so as her father…

However, these plans change when Esteban, a young ranch hand decides to save La Benavente…

Mother and Daughter must face all obstacles to find true love, and bring joy and happiness and peace to Hacienda Benavente.. will Acacia’s stepfather be able to save their ranch?… enjoy this intriguing and soul touching movie..

For more on on this amazing series La Malquerida of  click here.

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