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Linus Idahosa Responds To The Bill Seeking To Reduce The Age Qualification…

Linus Idahosa Responds To The Bill Seeking To Reduce The Age Qualification…

In Case You Missed It – Entrepreneur and international media consultant Linus Idahosa responds to the Bill seeking to reduce the age qualification for candidates wishing to contest for elective offices.

”We often forget that Jesus Christ is our biggest example of a Youth Leader, who at 33 was done and had raised disciples, who centuries later are still influencing and gathering billions of adherents the world over.

My take has always been and will continue to be that Wisdom, Leadership and the Capacity to chart a path to a prosperous nation is not and cannot be the exclusive preserve of those above 40, but it is an inherent quality that providence bestows on one and the challenges of life help to enhance, refine and sharpen in one.

Linus Idahosa

At any rate, no man lives forever and failure to deliberately, conscientiously and willingly transfer power to succeeding generations in their prime is a contradiction and an aberrant life cycle unknown to nature and trust me; nature always corrects itself.

It’s one thing for the bill to be passed; it’s another thing for the Nigerian youth to rise to the occasion, because the system as presently constituted is not designed to give it on a platter; instead it prides itself in creating a generation of Special Assistants (SA’s). It’s entirely up to the Nigerian youth to activate and enforce the strength of its number.”

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