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Lizha James – African Celebrities Who Inspire US

Lizha James – African Celebrities Who Inspire US

Today’s WCW is Mozambican remarkable musician Lizah James is also known as Elisa Lisete James Humbane.

The multi-award winning star is noted for her style of music which is mostly combined with the traditional Mozambican tunes called, Marrabenta and Dzukuta Pandza.

Other music genres she’s notable for is the R&B, Reggae and hip-hop. Lizha is regarded as one of the greatest artist in East Africa and  Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Growing from a family endowed with singers, her gift in music was discovered at a very tender age. She joined one of the major religious denomination in Mozambique named, Igreja Metodista Unida where she began her singing skills.

When she was about 14 years, she joined some famous music groups in Mozambique known as the Electro base and bloody town to polish up her music skills.

In 2000, she started as a solo singer and inaugurated her debut album, ‘watching you’, she gained massive recognition which saw her through the path of celebrityhood.

She hanged on with consistency and hard work which saw her achieved business deals for organisations including Coca Cola, King Pie, Sabco, Mcel, among others as a print model in 2002.

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Three years later, she added her album number 2, ‘Rainha do Ragga’ which means Queen of Reggae. The album consisting of songs including her hit song, ‘4 all ya’ sold successfully with huge airplay internationally.

In 2006, during the Channel O Music Video Awards formerly, Spirit of Africa Music Video Awards held in south Africa, she was nominated for six awards categories and bagged home the award for Best Female Video for her ‘4 all ya’ video clip.

She worked on her 3rd album comprising of songs titled, ‘Lutas entre Familias’, ‘Nita Mukuma Kwini’ (Where are we going), ‘Nuna wa Mina’ (My Husband), ‘Aniguiri’ etc.

Liza’s zeal and determination for music gave her the platform to perform with high quality acts around the world to inspire people through music.

In addition to the above, she jointly produced songs with one of brazil’s successful female singer, Alcione and  South African Kwaito musicians and artistes like, Mduduzi Edmund.

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Signed under her husband’s record label, Bang Entertainment that endorsed a lot of Mozambican musicians, she and her label mates in 2010 released songs together.

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The collaboration included the songs, ‘Amigo e quem ajuda’ meaning ‘Friend is the one who helps’ and ‘Sekelekane’.

Subsequently she released songs like, ‘Estilo Xakhale’, ‘Nandi We’ which addresses the issue of domestic violence and ‘Stop Trafico’.

Lizha James remains one of the early musicians in Eat Africa inspiring a lot of people including the new artistes in the music industry in Africa.

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Photo Credit: Lizah James


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