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Mario Balotelli Italian Professional Footballer

Mario Balotelli Italian Professional Footballer

Mario Balotelli

Italian professional footballer Mario Balotelli enjoyed a youthful career in Inter Milan under Jose Mourinho.

In 2012, Mario Balotelli scored a goal in the Semi-Final of the Euro 2010 and dedicated it to her foster mother, Silva Balotelli.

The poor boy waited until when he turned 18 before requesting for an Italian citizenship certificate as he was not officially adopted by the Balotelli.

However, he cleared the air in an interview long before gaining the citizenship, saying “I am Italian, I feel Italian, I will forever play with the Italian national team“.

As a young boy, the striker has in his archive, the UEFA Champions League silverware. He won with Inter Milan in 2010 with Inter Milan, then the English Premier League medal and several Italian Series A medals.


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In 2012, Balotelli featured in the New York based international monthly men’s magazine, GQ (Gentlemen Quarterly). He was named the second-best dressed man in the world.

He is a fashionista and we love his unique fashion sense. Go Mario!

He scored a remarkable goal while he was still playing for the English club, Manchester City, and celebrated with a customised t-shirt  “Why Always Me” in an attempted to fend off the numerous racial abuse he has suffered. What every racist turn to forget it that

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The 28-year-old striker remain a very important squad member at Marselle today and has been making more positive headlines.

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