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Meet TEDxAccra speaker Isaac O. Babu Boateng

Meet TEDxAccra speaker Isaac O. Babu Boateng

Meet Isaac O. Babu Boateng, named by Forbes Magazine as one of “Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” under the age of 30, Isaac O. Babu-Boateng is an ambitious entrepreneur and one of the leading voices of the pan-African millennial generation. He is the founder and CEO of BABU Group, a pan-African conglomerate with interests and investments in media, technology, real estate, music and healthcare.

Isaac O. Babu Boateng,

With an ambition matched only by a grandeur vision, Babu-Boateng is at the forefront of the mission for this generation of Africans to control the image of Africa and the rest of the world’s perception. Babu-Boateng’s strong leadership and vision enabled him to establish Face2face Africa as one of the pan-African community’s leading voices, perpetrating the stories of success, hope, and promise that is untold about Africa in western media. Today, Face2face Africa is a multi-niche media company that has created several platforms to engage the pan-African community, including the annual Pan-African Weekend held in NYC.

Why you should listen to his talk?

As a young African boy taking a shot at the American dream, I lost track of the African dream. For a very long time, the world’s portrayal of Africa caused my disconnection with the continent, but I later on realized that I had the capacity to be apart of theanswer and help change the story of Africa. This generation of young Africans to me represent the best. There are indefinite possibilities when we begin to see ourselves as the solution to Africa’s problems. My vision is to build Africa-focused media powerhouse owned and operated by Africans that will control our stories and mitigate Africa’s representation by the rest.

Quote from Isaac: “Change does not come in a day, in a year, it may not even come in a decade. Change only comes with progress.”

TEDxAccra 2015 will take place on April 11 at the National Theatre from 7am to 7pm.

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It is expected to be the biggest TEDx event in Ghana to date. The theme for this year is “The Next Chapter”.  TEDxAccra 2015 is sponsored by Vodafone Ghana..

For more information please visit  or send an email to Akpah Prince @ [email protected]

Credit: Akpah Prince

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