Menaye-Donkor-and-Sulley-MuntariMenaye Muntari, the wife of Ghanaian/A.C. footballer/ Milan Sulley Muntari is rated the most beautiful on the WaGs list. This ranking was done by the richlifestyle website who said  “the beautiful game of football has made many African footballers very rich; with success and fame these players have some of the sexiest African women in their lives. Not like European WAGs (WAGs refer to wives and girlfriends of sportsmens) who enjoy fame and a sort of notoriety in the media, most African WAGs are very low-key; they stay out of the public eye.”

Richlifestyle’s ratings put Menaye on top of the list. The Canadian-born Ghanaian model, entrepreneur and philanthropist won the Miss Universe Ghana in 2004. In 2007…

With her degree in marketing from York University, Toronto, Canada, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business  Science (BBusSci), MBA, and Master of Marketing Research (MMR) she not only is the most beautiful but the most impressive wife on the list…Talk about beauty with Brains!  Sulley sure is one lucky husband…

Photo Credit: Menaye

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